Sunday, November 16, 2008

When there is a will, there is a way!

Sometimes when I find myself in a state of hubris, I seem to feel melancholy at the same time.
How can the light that burned so brightly
Suddenly burn so pale?

Seeing as language and verbal expressions lack and have big holes, we are controlled by it. Furthermore I shall try to explain my spirit the best way possible; I crave help because at the present I feel insane as it is getting too dark for me to see and the badge located on the left side on my chest is burning. Now even in my restless dreams I walk alone.
Fortunately when there is a will, there is a way!

My dad once told me something like:
"Once upon a time, a wise man was asked if he knew where his heart was located. He responded as such:
- I shall give you only one answer, it is situated on my right side as he raised his left hand clapping his right chest, nodding.
Astonished the questioner looked at him wondering how a wise man could state something so faulty to this magnitude that opposed the universal laws of physics, saying that what goes up does not necessarily come down.
Although what the questioner did not realise is that since the heart is situated on the left side, by acknowledging it as on the right, one is not steered by the instable emotions of the heart as there is nothing located beneath the right side!"
'I love you daddy and so do you .... I love me but don't you'

Work like you dont need the money
Dance like no one is watching
Love like you have never been hurt

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