Thursday, November 13, 2008

Life of Michelle

[Subjective affection when reality is great]

"A gallant girl with a prodigal talent"

Today I am very late but I feel great
Yesterday I was the centre of puclic debate
because to my trait they could not relate.
But with no hate and a clean slate,
like Alexander the great,
I will have a fine line of fate.
Just wait, dear American state!

[Subjective fear and anxiety when reality is bad]

'Is it not quite obvious that there is a Cinderella hurt by evil step sisters'
When events as this one strikes I cannot believe nor understand the god damn injustice and lurking.
There always has to be at least one failiure in everything and of course, presumably me. The reason to why I am victimized is in fact due to my own defficient cognition when in a state of distress and because I am so compassionate and emotive about others. Somehow I can sense their emotional states and personality by just glancing at them, but no one seems to ever percieve a justified understanding of the mysterious me.

Moreover sometimes I feel like I don't have time for these classes and these books, memorizing weak assumptions of lesser mortals. I need to look through… - Find a truly original idea.
That is the only way I will ever distinguish myself - That is the only way I will ever... matter.

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