Saturday, October 1, 2011

Every empty park bench has a story

Out in a small rugged old town there is a park with alot of life. It has a park bench where two old friends once used to sit and both giggle and silent away.

Towards the end of each day, a man sits on it alone. He listens to the birds whistle and sing, watches the children play and observes the people walking on the park trail.

Meanwhile, surrounding the trail and bench wanders a little girl with starry curious eyes in the grassy field. She is seeking flowers, the first signs of spring flowers. People always tell her that it is far too early on and that she will never find any flowers, yet she keeps looking for them.

Unnoticed, this little girl walks up to the man and asks
'Why are you talking to the wind?'.
He looks a little startled but shortly responds kindly
- 'Because the wind carries prayers'.

And as the girl grew up, she carried that with her and nowadays the spring flowers are always there in time for her.