Saturday, August 16, 2014

~ Bird on the wind

Success is speaking words of praise
In cheering other peoples ways
In doing just the best you can
With every task and every plan.
It's silence when your speech would hurt.
Politeness when your neighbor's curt.
It's deafness when the scandal flows
And sympathy with other'a woes.
It's loyalty when duty calls
It's courage when disaster falls
It's politeness when the hours are long
It's found in laughter and in song.
It's in the silent time of prayer
In happiness and in despair 
It's all of life and nothing less
We find the thing we call success.

Honesty removes the hope

When you love someone you can’t love, it’s a constant reaching. You don’t just walk away when you’re told you have to. You know there’s no hand to meet yours but you hold it out there anyway. You singlehandedly display the epitome of human resilience, and you do it all silently. You somehow remain convinced that honesty removes hope, and that compromises the fact on which your love can thrive, the hope that one day, they’ll change their minds. And that finally, for somebody, you’ll be enough.

But the truth is that as much as that love drives people, it’s often barricaded by the love of keeping their pride intact. They don’t want to get down into the humility of being human because it means they’re just as embarrassingly normal as the rest of us. You either love someone or you love your ego. The two rarely coincide. Love is not waiting somewhere for us to stumble upon it and soak it up in deluded ecstasy with no reverence for the painstaking reality of what it takes to really be a blissed out human being.