Monday, January 26, 2009

Eternal Marriage

Some people have the belief that marriage unites people so that they are together forever in eternity. So far, so good. However somewhere along the line this belief deviates and becomes a discontent alienation and an egotistical significance complex. (With all due respect, this is not intended to offend anyone and I am only discussing around the concern that aroused)

When it comes to mormons, also known as members of the LDS church, an Eternal Marriage is held in the sacred mormon temple unifying the love of the two souls into one in eternity.

In regards to this belief, a man can remarry if the wife dies, which means conciling another soul to the allready existing unity and in other words the man can have two or more wifes in the afterlife. As such this could be interpreted as betrayal to the previous wife who passed away and is doomed to eternal marriage without being able to change this because she is in fact: dead!

Another concerning aspect is that non-mormons are not allowed into the temple. In the example I came across, a whole familly was left out because they were not of the same nature and declined the offer to convert. This makes me wonder whether the mormons are simply striving for an egotistical significance separating them from the rest.

What kind of a religion would not allow familly to be apart of the marriage? And why does the non-mormon familly still have to show up for important pictures, happily outside of the temple?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Falling for the chauvinistic

Like a father to impress
Like a mothers mourning dress
If I ever make a mess
Don't think of me less

Everything is great for one purpose or another. Still it is like arsenik, if you get too caught up in it. So in the case of school, when you do as you are told under pressure, either the outcome or mentality will be very improper.
Therefore the competative behaviour comes down to this:
It is not that you don't win, it is that you absolutely refuse to lose. I'm going for the top and at this point no hinders can stop me.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Warbling mail of a very long tale

Do you notice when a warbling cat is strolling around?
Do you see the life or keep looking down on the gray cement?

I notice the cat! Because I see life and strive for the day when I will not, when I am alive instead of wishing I am...

I always think that there is nothing all you people can say, to change my mind, which is the case. But hence only when I feel discouraged. Because whenever I am encouraged and given nurturance, then I am able to look at different paths with different ways. In addition, I thank the realists for warmingly having a clear understanding of me with their kind helping hands. Given this, everything just seems slightly better: Fears gone. Stress relieved. Motivation ON. On a side note this makes me wonder, if shutting myself down this way for indulgement of the ego is a defense mechanism of some sort.

The american eagle was once almost extinct but it came back

Friday, January 2, 2009

2009, a year of vigilance

There's no need for a gun
And no more place to run
I've had my fun
Love from each one
Life has only begun

I embrace year 2009 as a year for the friendly, a year of vigilance. I see change, geniality and connection but inside I am the same as I ever were, exhilirated. Most important of all, I see mortality. It worries me to think that people who read the lines above will be reminded of the unspoken fear of humanity, as I know the distress that comes with it. However it is even more worrying to think that the subject remains in silence, agitating more and more eager young minds, without having anyone step up and talk about it. The reality of death could be one blink away and one would think it should be obvious but instead it is suppressed. Furthermore I am surprised that it is the most common fear out there, as I usually always think I am the ONLY one. Nonetheless, despite the flawed divisions of concepts, realize that death is needed for life as despair for bliss and night for day. Only then can you feel at ease and learn to see things for what they are, instead of why.
Because even Science only answers what is... not why!

May 2009 be a blessed year of flourish