Friday, November 14, 2008

The day when the wolf decides...

The day when the wolf will bring the little red riding hood down.
(It is what you people would call 'methaphorically speaking')

IOC day (Individual Oral Commentary)
Is it appropriate for a vulnerable girl to do something completely against her will and her instinct? "Should I skip it. Oh but I have to do it. I will do it but but what happens if I do it really bad or fail? Michelle's achievements: zero."

In retrospect the truth is that I know how these formal presentations in front of a superior authority affect me. They make me regress into a childlike state of 'please be proud of me'. If I fail, internally I beg and plead for proudness probably because the one source of proudness I had, my dad, disapeared. On the contrary if I succeed I blossom, shine and light up as well as inspire every dull soul around!

- Suprisingly the IOC went quite well and no anxiety was experienced throughout the presentation. Ultimately, I am satisfied with my effort and feel content about it, expressing neither of the extremes above.

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Mika said...

I will always be proud of you. <3