Wednesday, December 10, 2008

At my good heart is oppression

I am bemused by the statements I hear quite often these days, that I need to be more subjective and more dynamic. What?!?
For so long I have been criticized for being subjective and informal. Therefore I have fought to become objective and academically formal, since I was told that is the only way to be substantial. Although now I am being told that I need to be more 'alive, personal, emotive' and more 'Michelle' when I have strived to get rid of those fields. Though, still, worst of all is that I had to lapse the former down in order to achieve the latter, and I don't mean temporarily! Then suddently I'm expected to bring it back on command. - Evil tyranny!

I praise myself for being prodigious and my actions for being well adjusted.


Jenn said...

I was browsing through blogs (something I like to do at work to pass the time in between calls) and I saw yours. I just wanted to say I think your poetry is lovely. You have a beautiful voice... very inspiring. :)

Pristine Girl said...

Thank you very much Jenn! It makes me really glad to hear that you appreciate it :) It is my way of communicating and letting go of unspoken feelings as I can be drawn within. Ultimately to make others relate and inspire from my genuine expressions is perhaps even a better motive to create than for my own purposes. Take care

pearpear23 said...

Nice poem girl =D (on the second login of my blogging career)