Saturday, January 9, 2010

All flowers are not in one garden

Fact or fiction? Realism or Idealism? Which do you prefer?
Does fact mean realism and fiction, Idealism?
Absolutely not!

Alot of people seem to think that realism provide facts that are accurate picture representations of reality. However, what they do not seem to realise is that if you do not believe in a concept such as idealism, then of course you will not see nor experience it's beauty either.

With that being said, what crosses America as so astounding to me is that it has more rugged reality than not, breeds realists in a majority, yet is in fact an idealistic country. As such, my whole view of America has changed quite abit... The US is even more courageous than I thought and blessed to have a mesmerizing minority of triumphing idealists. I dare even say that they built the country and made it into everything I love about it! However, being in the minority is problematic because it means that you flowers out there are not allowed to bloom freely. You, like myself in Sweden, probably face discouragement each and every day. So if you thought you were just another brick in the wall. You are not! You are a rare daffodill in the thrall.

Is it then any wonder that more than 44.3 million Americans suffer from e.g. depression and anxiety, where about half of those are on antidepressants? Now that is realism with some actual substance!


Sven said...
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Michelle said...

So true! A courageous person in USA, Egypt or Iceland, it is still a courageous person no matter where it is!

The only thing I have noticed is the idealistic 'illusion' that America has over its reality seems to feed the dreamers and idealists. It keeps them fighting for their dreams. Whereas in Europe, I think it is more common for people to be submissive and give up on their dreams as they are not reinforced to keep trying.