Sunday, February 8, 2009

Madful burning fire

A long week of hysteria and hard work has finally passed. Some have doubted and been devious phonies. One carefree said "I still win over you". An idealist said "I don't have time for you Michelle, I have more important buisness to attend to" and some commoners said "Stop worrying so much" in irritation.
Well guess what, I WON nonetheless. By fighting till the end and overcoming the implications in time, whereas others were far to late. When shall you realise that instead of bringing one another down, we should help each other. To be magnanimous, this is a winner. Hence, indulge me differently as always. Though, this time I have the gift of absolution and the righteous judge of vengeance. Nothing is ever going to keep me down.


The True Believer - Scott - California said...

You beyond doubt are a greater mortal for overcoming these difficulties and putting those weak-minded and cynical disbelievers in a place where their critical mind will suffer knowing that YOU ARE GREATER. To overcome such a hindrance is a milestone on the way to an open minded individual FUTURE. Feel free to contact me, your Californian neo-hippie –mate Scott at: (310)652-7055. love

Mika - Finland said...

"I have the gift of absolution and the righteous judge of vengeance."

... you have the gift of the righteous judge of vengeance? what happened to the 'lets all get along' feeling, and who or what gave you that "gift"?

TTB - Scott said...

Mika - Finland:

It is your kind of negative energy that disturbes the charckra of a positive universe.

Pristine Girl said...

Dear Scott, thank you so much for your kind words. I amazed at your understanding. You really got the essence of it, which makes me very happy :). Nonetheless from a Californian boy in the land of opportunities <3 You would be surprised if you knew where I live. Feel free to add me:

Mika: It's not that I don't want to get along with everyone, because I most certaintly do. Hence, when I am repeatedly opposed despite apparent patient kindness from my behalf, I have no choice but to take a stand. Because for too long I let them bring me down and be the reason for my mediocrity, in hope of having them suddently change. So furthermore it is figurative language. The gift of absolution = triumph. Meaning that I will not let their cynisism affect me anymore and guess what I accomplished something because of it. So to conclude: I will not let their weak-minds/hearts be the reason for my inversion.