Friday, February 14, 2014

Dear lovest,

The story about a girl who gave up her dreams of being the World's Greatest Explorer so she could marry true love..
~ These are some of the most beautiful and known tragedy stories of our time. It leaves me puzzled. Unsure - am I - Insecure?

Love is a risk, to be loved or hurt.
I always thought love and dreams go in hand. But sometimes love can arrive like a destination while on the pursuit of a dream. It isn't exactly aimed to side-track you nor is it aimed to pause you on your way. It encourages you, loves you, but it might also redirect you.
For a girl with a thousand dreams, love being one of them, which do you pursue? Can she have them all? Or ought she be selective?

It is well known that we should Never give up on our dreams for love, because no one who is worth giving up your dreams for, would ever ask you to!
The reason for this bases on the fact that the future of a true love does not rely on the responsibility of one person to go give up on a dream. It lies on mutual decisions. Mutual sacrifices. 

Love never wants you to make yourself smaller in order for you to be with them. Love treats your dreams as gold and wants to be part of them. 

It's not career or love. It's career And Love.

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