Saturday, September 14, 2013

BFF goodbyes

Sometimes in your life you meet a very special precious person who the thought of living without is beyond imaginable. 
Being especially prone to seeing fascination and all the fantastic qualities of people I'll miss, I've experienced far more of these losses than anyone. Farewells & good byes are my worst nightmare. They make me vulnerable.. And the shell in this michelle is a tough one to break. 

From day one i went on my journey to become a Doctoresse, I met a young woman at the inaguration. We were all innocent fresh students, unaware of what waited ahead. Seated alphabetically ordered according to our last names.. 
Strikingly enough, our names were as similar as Huey & Duey differing only by ONE letter. She was dark, I was light. She was short, I was tall. She went to IB so did I. She was from Denmark, but not quite. I was from Sweden, but not quite. We were both single children living with our moms. Not really spoiled, but that didnt stop us from fashion and fun.

After 3 years of medical school our time came to part.. She moved away. And I'm happy that she did because the suffering here is a disgrace. Thank god ease came her way. She deserves the heavens rain of diamonds and blossoms for how she turned my world around and helped form the almost woman i am today. She came a really long way and I always knew she was smart but she bloomed into a confident woman I hope to be like some day. I know she'll be fine wherever in the world she may go.

Lucky for me she's almost next door.

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