Monday, April 9, 2012

Forbidden fruit

The warning said they would surely die if they tasted the forbidden fruit. True.
The Serpent replied this would only happen if the desire of the Soul receives it selfishly, for itself alone. True.
One must receive for the sake of sharing.
However, taking the first bite was not a problem - at first. For it was an angelic Sharing of light.
It is that after the first bite, the soul's desire for it multiplies enormously, becoming bound by a strong craving for more while a Self-interest was awakened. One that will have you wind up in a darkness.

The key is not to resist the light, for there is a Light that shares and a Soul that receives. Embrace and know, truly know in your heart, what the generous nature means and how to let it flow before you decide to receive any light prematurely.

~ No one wants to bite a sour apple!

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