Saturday, January 1, 2011

Abandoned beliefs

Towards the end of a year and the beggining of a new one, introspection seems to come naturally. And after a busy year concerned with aquiring self fulfillment, through beliefs of perfection, self adjustment fits appropriately. This time of the year is when action and re-action usually sets in. If not, the mirror will drown you in its swan lake and dwelling as well as feeding on air, poisoned by the old, will certainly kill you. The rigidness and reluctance to change along with its false safety inevitably holds you back.

Ambivalence suggests strong feelings in opposition. The prefix is ambidextrous, which means both and the rest of it means vigour. The word suggests that you are torn between two opposing courses of action.

But you must make a choice. To achieve your true masterpiece you must abandon your old. Although, sometimes you simply must because it is the only way you will survive, if will is enough to make the choice of abandoning an old belief that is...

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