Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home is where you hang your hat

A house is made of walls and beams;

a home is built with love and dreams

There comes a time when every child separates from their symbiotic relationship with their parent/s - when leaving home! One cannot comprehend what home is untill one has truly faced life completely on their own, without backup.

Reflecting on your defenition on where and what "home" is, may make you realise that it is rather something abstract versus concrete. In fact, the term connotes memories. It can either take the form of pain in which one had no "home" or nostalgia in which one had a pleasurable one.

Living in a near ideal and perfect home alongside a silent-killer atmosphere, moving away from home may unleash your mind with reflections. You may realize that "home" is in fact not the place itself but rather the safe haven in your life. Your child-home may have been a nightmare, yet sleeping sound in that childhood bed of yours. This is no wonder seeing as the crib as well as the bed stands to be a symbol of warmth and dreams.
So wherever it may be, home is always your safe haven. Home is where you are comfortable enough to take of your hat!

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